Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are the printed materials to be submitted to the address given by
an earlier time than midnight on the 5th of August? In other words,
will someone be present to collect such materials at that time?

A1: Yes, someone will be present to retrieve the materials throughout the day on August 5th.

Q2: Can I submit a diagram showing how the boards are meant to hang on
a wall? Or should the boards be designed with the intention of being
looked at in packet form? Also, does each board need to be able to
stand alone or will they always be together as a package?

A2: Yes, you can submit a diagram if there is a preferred method for showing the boards.  The boards will always be viewed as a package.

Q3: Will the designers of the project selected be involved in the
ongoing process if the project moves beyond this competition? Is this
intended to be an OADC project and therefore no monetary compensation
will be given to designers? If monetary compensation is given for the
design, under what conditions would the original designer receive
compensation, if at all?

A3: At the moment there is no set ongoing process.  This is an ideas competition with the aim of increasing the dialogue around resiliency.  If in the future stakeholders come forward with the intent of furthering the design ideas, the project team(s) associated with the design(s) will be informed immediately.  This is intended to be a standalone ideas design competition and not an OADC project so monetary compensation is isn’t applicable to this competition.  OADC’s intent is to use the submitted materials for marketing, education and outreach.